The Touche pump comprises a reusable pump module and a disposable drug reservoir. This design, together with high volume manufacturability, significantly reduces the total cost of operating the pump and makes it highly affordable, opening up new markets to the use of patch pumps.


Our patented rotary reservoir design enables the pump to be highly compact. It is also scalable to different reservoir sizes.


 The Touche pump has multiple safety features including sensitive occlusion detection, internal self-diagnostics, battery level monitoring, and shock detection. Wireless connectivity allows the user and caregivers to be alerted to any issues in real-time.


The Touche pump uses a unique mechanism which measures the actual delivery of drug from the reservoir and automatically compensates for any variations from mechanical and environmental factors, making it highly accurate. This allows the pump to be used with drugs that require highly accurate small dose delivery, and for broad patient populations including children.


The Touche pump has comprehensive data monitoring and patient sensor capability with real-time communication to smartphones or other devices.


The Touche pump is capable of delivering a wide variety of drugs and has the potential to deliver multiple drugs from the same pump simultaneously.


Patents granted for key technology in US and China and pending in Europe

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Data Communications

Bluetooth (BLE) enabled connectivity to smartphone

Real time monitoring and logging of drug delivery which enables personalization of care

Pump status including drug reservoir level and pump performance

Real time alerts to the user, caregivers and family

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